What is Raw Food and How to Prepare Raw Food Meals

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What is Raw food

Raw Food is pure, natural food that has not been cooked or heated above 43C/118F.

It includes:

All fruits and vegetables, herbs, nuts and seeds. Superfoods, algae’s, sprouted grains and legumes, dried fruits, natural sweeteners It does not contain animal products such as meat, dairy, eggs and fish..


Raw Vegan Food

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Why Eat More Raw Vegan Food

When heated over 43C or 118F foods lose more than 85% of their enzymes.

As we age our production of enzymes slows down. Raw food is packed with enzymes. One of the reasons that so many people heal themselves on a Raw Food diet is because the body gets flooded with enzymes and nutrients and that allows the body to heal itself.

The body’s natural state is alkaline 7.3 ph. Eating meat, dairy, coffee, pre-packaged foods, vegetable oils, snack food, processed foods, canned foods biscuits and many more can create an acidic environment.

This allows for parasites and fungus to grow which can leech minerals from your body leaving you tired, lethargic depressed.

With a more alkaline environment your body can heal itself, your energy levels will increase, your mood will elevate and you will have energy to prepare great meals for yourself!

Raw Food Preparation

How to Get Started:

Throw out the NOT Food!

OK, make yourself a superfood smoothie,  put on some happy music, go into your pantry and throw out the packaged, processed and boxed food that is filled with preservatives and poisons and who knows what else! Go into your fridge and do the same. As you do this think of cleaning out your body and mind of the past, an old way of living and make room for a whole new beginning.

Raw Food Planning

It is important to be organised on a Raw Food diet because it is expensive to waste. Choose some meals you want to prepare for the week and write down what you need. Visit your local fresh food market each week and keep your fridge healthy. Put all your greens in bags in your crisper drawer and juice what you have not used from last week.

Buy your nuts and seeds wherever you can find that sell raw, organic nuts.

Choose a day to dehydrate (instructions in class)

Make sure you have dips and cheeses always at hand for a healthy snack in case you go back to the dark side! Preparation is the key….make time for you. I used to be guilty of making wonderful meals for others and slapping together something I would never present to anyone, for myself. Not anymore. I prepare my meals so lovingly for myself now..so presentable that I can take pictures and share them with you!

Love yourself!


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