Raw Chocolate Avocado Pie

Chocolate Avocado Pie

Raw Chocolate Avocado Pie

By Norma Strang  

March 24, 2015

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Chocolate Avocado Pie


For the base, place all ingredients in a food processor and process until a bit sticky. Press into a pie tin. Place in freezer.

For the filling: Place all ingredients except coconut oil in blender until smooth. Add coconut oil and blend. Pour into pie crust. Return to freezer.

For the sauce, blend ingredients until smooth and put in fridge until. You can top the pie with it or pour it over the sauce.


For Crust

1 cup nuts (macadamia, walnuts, almonds)

2/3 cup pitted dates

1/3 cup desiccated coconut

For Filling

2-3 avocadoes

3Tbs coconut nectar

1 Tbs vanilla extract or paste

½ cup cacao powder

¾ cup soft dates, soaked

½ cup dried apricots, soaked

1/3 cup coconut oil


½ cup frozen berries

1/4 cup dates, soaked

Squeeze lemon juice


3 Reviews

Norma Strang

August 30, 2015

Thanks Annie, one of my favourites to keep in the freezer for drop in guests, who always expect a treat when they arrive at my house :}


August 30, 2015

I love this recipe. Delicious and healthy!!


August 30, 2015

I love this recipe, delicious and healthy!!

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