Personal Coaching

Personally Tailored Retreats

Would you like to do a retreat on your own, with no other people around? Would you like your own Wellness Coach to tailor a program just for you and coach you daily on diet, yoga, mental health, detoxing, juice fasting, raw food classes, pampering and so much more in a luxury rainforest retreat?  Now you can.

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Jasmine Shares her experience of her Personally Tailored Retreat with Norma


Are you too busy to take time off, but would still like support and guidance  to detox in the comfort of you own home? The Personal Wellness Program may be just what you need.


Personal Wellness Program

  • Skype Consultation to establish your needs

Norma will work with you to establish your goals and create a Personal Wellness Program  for you; be it fasting, fruit cleansing, weight loss, a healthy diet plan, or all  the above.

Example of a Personally Tailored  Wellness Program

  • Pre Cleanse

Norma will assist you in eliminating foods and drinks to prepare your body for the cleanse

  • 5 Day Juice Plan

You will receive Norma’s 5 Day Juice Plan with delicious juices and blends for the week

  • Herbal Protocol

Norma will select a herbal protocol from Dr Morse’s Healing Herbs to assist with your cleanse which will help regenerate cells and strengthen your weaknesses.

  • Morning Moves

You will receive a lifetime membership to Norma’s Online courses “The Five Tibetan Rites” & “Hot Yoga Express” A great workout that takes only an hour at home.

  • All About Enemas

A crucial part of cleansing is getting rid of the old waste, from the body and the mind. You will learn how to cleanse your colon with herbs and enemas

  •  Skype Support

One of the hardest parts of doing a cleanse by yourself is motivation. Norma will Skype or call  you offering support and answering any questions regarding your program

  • Motivational Lectures

Norma will select motivational health and wellness lectures for you and your condition. It is important as part of your journey that you educate yourself an feel empowered to take your own health into your own hands.

  • Onward Plan

The onward plan will be tailored especially for you, your needs, your budget and your food preferences to ensure you continue on your path of Self care.

  • Gift (Introduction to Raw Vegan Food Online Course)

As a gift, you will receive Norma’s Online Course on Vegan Raw Food to inspire you in the kitchen and making healthy choices for you and your family.

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  • “Hi Norma.  I am doing really well thanks to you; 3 weeks now and still no coffee, no alcohol, no dairy , no red meat and cutting back on my carbohydrates. I feel my energy levels are back to where they were 6 months ago. My running on the beach in the morning has been really super strong this week thanks to my improved diet. Still a long way to go I know. Also that lower abdominal ache that I told you about is now almost completely disappeared. When you asked me about it last Friday I said up until a couple of days ago I thought there was no change but there’s no doubt there is now a significant Improvement. All thanks to you.  I want to continue down this path. I have decided to give up alcohol coffee and dairy permantly. Well perhaps a little sip of liqueur now then and a tiny little bit of cheese, and I want to revert back to my vegetarian diet that I had  enjoyed so many years ago. I’m looking forward to working closely with you on this. So although I was not ill when I came to see you, I feel like I’m jumping out of my skin again. So, feeling much better and thank you very very much.”


  • “Thanks so much Norma.  Have been listening to Dr Morse YouTube info.   I have been on fruit and vegetables detox for 4 days.  Been very tired but hanging in there. Sandra and myself are really into it.  Please keep in touch.  We appreciate your support so much.  And thank you again and again.”
Kind Regards Lyn and Ken🙏💕