Is Your Vegan Diet a Healthy One?

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There is no-one happier than me to see the huge amount of people turning Vegan today. I never thought I would see it in my lifetime.celebration-pic

I turned Vegetarian 25 years ago. Nobody understood why all of a sudden I stopped eating meat. Well, I did not just wake up one day and decide it. Like many people today changing their eating patterns to a “compassionate diet;” I experienced a new awareness.

One day a Hari Krishna came into the shop I was working in.  The humble little man offered to leave a book which I had no intention of reading, called   “The Higher Taste; Thankfully I did read it and that book changed my life!


That book awakened my mind to the suffering of animals and gave me powerful visuals of that suffering, and the awful visuals of meat putrefying and rotting in our guts.

I remembered as a child I often had to beg my Mum to leave my meat. She would make me sit at the table until I ate it..but I always won, and my dog got the meat. I think I came into this world with that awareness like many kids today, but society knocked that out of me back then, as it does to everyone and it is designed that way.vegan-kid

After reading that book, I did  not make a conscious decision to become a vegetarian, but the next time I went to eat meat I felt it as “flesh” in my mouth and stopped eating it…That day I realised I could not eat meat anymore.

I bought many recipe books on vegetarian food and changed my diet. What I know now is that those books were not focussed on healthy eating…but were based on compassion which was my main concern at the time.

I was vegetarian for 14 years until, a hormone imbalance, which I had had all my life took me to the Dr who recommended I go back on meat. It did not make sense to me; I thought I was being healthy but my diet was very heavy with carbs and dairy. Eating out, which I did a lot then, there was little choice but to have a cheesy pasta or a cheesy risotto and I must admit I did enjoy my Christmas dinner with all my Mum’s veggies and my Vegetarian Haggis!


Following my Dr’s decision, I went back on meat. I remember distinctly the tears falling down my face as I felt that first piece of flesh in my mouth. No wonder I could not digest it properly with those emotions surging around my body.

When I moved to Byron Bay, there was a field next to our property. I got to know the cows. I even had names for them. That feeling of awareness started to creep over me again of eating animals. I announced to my husband that I was going back to vegetarian. “You’ll get sick again” he said “your naturopath says you’re a blood type O and need meat” Thankfully he is no longer my husband and “BOLLOCKS” to the blood group diet! It did not help me anyway. I STILL had horrible periods and terrible pain. I prayed to find a way to not eat animals and to be healthy…my prayer was answered.cruelty_free2

I signed up to do a Raw Food Course to learn some new recipes, but whole lot more than that happened. I realised that when I ate this food, I had a lot more energy and life force and a new chapter began in my life.

I studied everything I could about Raw Food, surprising unsuspecting friends with fully Raw dinner parties. My hobby was being in my kitchen…I became alive in there creating new dishes. People started asking me how to make dishes, so I set up a kitchen in my Yoga Centre and started teaching. I then became a certified Raw Food Chef and continued my passion in sharing how easy it is to eat delicious, healthy, animal free meals; and Raw Food Byron was born. My Raw journey started 8 years ago and it progressed into giving up dairy as I educated myself on the nutritional value of plant based food.


In 2016 I created my first Online Course for new vegans and I currently have students from 97 counties around the world. I created this course to help people who wanted to stop eating meat, but were not sure how to go about it. Sadly I see alot of people on vegan or vegetarian forums eating way too many carbs and dairy.

I recently had dinner at a new plant based restaurant and I could not eat the food at all. I was so dissapointed. It was so oily and heavy it made me feel ill.

I’m doing this blog because I want people to be healthy with their compassionate eating choices. It’s wonderful to help the animals, that is part of my role here on this planet but we must also take time to educate ourselves on how to do it in a way that will last.

So many companies are jumping on the “Vegan Bandwagon” and making very unhealthy food! Some of the nut milks are filled with chemicals and preservatives. So many vegan cheeses the same. People are being brainwashed by advertising into thinking that if its vegan it is healthy… NO junk food is healthy!!

My concern is that people will not get the right nutrition and go back to meat, so please, take some time to educate yourself;  read, listen to people who have walked their talk and take back charge of your own health…and let food be thy medicine because when you eat a whole food, plant based diet, that is exactly what it is…medicine.

Salad Wrap

Learn to make your own…LOW HUMAN INTERVENTION FOOD..the less it has been tampered with..the better it is for you.

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Would you like to be Nuked or Groped?



It must be my face; I always get stopped at the airport for a search. More recently it has been the body scanner. Again, as I was being told to take my jacket, scarf and boots off by one worker another young one pointed to the body scanner and said ‘”you have to go through there”

I said “No I don’t and I will not go through that machine” He looked baffled by the lack of compliance and then pointed to the floor about 2 inches away from where I was standing and said loudly “Well move over there” I said “you mean you want me to stand 2 inches over from where I am standing?” He was so flustered, If his skin was not so dark, I am sure it would have been red with rage. Then an older man came from the other side of the machine and in a much more light hearted manner said “she does not want me” I welcomed the smile and the sense of humor after the other guy was so angry. I said “it’s not you sir, you seem like a nice’s that machine!” Then ANOTHER man, I suppose more superior came out and asked why I would not go through the machine as it does not harm. I said ” Listen I have recently recovered form an illness, I KNOW what these machines do and I will NOT go in it…and you should do your own research too working so close to it!”

I could feel all the eyes of the travellers behind me whilst being told to take their shoes and belts and and whatever else off, looking at the scene infornt of them.

The Boss said you will have to get a “pat down”

“You can pat away” I said.  He called on a young female and tried to take me away form the conveyer belt where my bags were. I said ‘I am not leaving my bags, so you will have to pat here” The man looked quite bewildered at the bossy little Scot who would not do as she was told and  nodded to the young girl to do it there.

These machines are highly dangerous and can damage your DNA.

“The force generated from tetrahertz waves used by the millimeter-wave scanners is small but, according to scientists, the waves can ‘unzip’ or tear apart double-stranded DNA, creating bubbles in the DNA that could interfere with processes such as gene expression and DNA replication”. Infowars

You have the right to refuse going into those machines. Don’t just think you are powerless. They cannot make you. Go for the pat down ..intrusive but not dangerous..well, you can always sage off the energy of the patter!



For The Bread Lovers

Raw Mini Spring Onion Buns


I LOVE bread..but it does not love me!  As soon as I eat it I get constipated, feel bloated and put on weight. It’s just not worth feeling like that,  so I now make my own Raw Bread.

This is a great and easy recipe for mini bread buns. They can be served with soup, salad or make a delicious sandwich. Above I served them with cashew cheese and beetroot sauerkraut….Seriously mouth watering!


1 Cup Almond Pulp

1/2 Cup Ground Flax Seed

1/4 Cup Irish Moss Paste

2 Tbs Nutritional Yeast

1 Tsp Salt

One Spring Onion Chopped finely

Sprinkle of Sesame Seeds


Mix all together well by hand in a bowl, turn onto cutting board and mold by hand into mini size buns. Sprinkle black sesame seeds on top. Dehydrate for 6 hours at 43 degrees. Turn over and dehydrate for a further 4 hours.  Make sure they are sill soft in the middle.

No Guilt, no weight gain, no bloating and delicious…. Enjoy!

How To Do a Coffee Enema

coffee 3

I recently showed a client how to do a coffee enema. She felt so good, her boyfriend was doing one within a few days. If you get it right, you will never look back. They can remove toxins, parasites, yeast and fungus only to mention a few benefits. They are wonderful to relieve the effects of detoxing too. When I fast I do them for the first few days until the headaches pass. I do have a few Scottish friends who like a drink so I will mention that they are the world best hangover cure!

drunken scot

So many people keep asking me how to do them so here it is :

You will need:

1 Enema Kit (you can purchase from the chemist)

3 heaped Tbs of Organic Ground Coffee

1 Litre of Distilled or Spring Water

1/2 tsp Coconut Oil




Put water and coffee in a saucepan and bring to the boil. Boil for 5 mins and simmer for 10 mins. Let cool until tepid. You can add more cool water to bring it back up to a litre. Pour through a sieve and then into the enema tub.

Rub oil onto the tip of the tube and your anus 🙂 Its ok, no one is watching!

Let a little coffee run out by unlocking the clasp so you know it is at the end without air. Lock again and lie on the floor with a towel under you. Insert the tip into your rectum and unlock the clasp. You will feel the coffee start to pour in to you. Relax as much as you can. When it is all in, lock the clasp, pull the tip out and put kit aside. Lie on your right side for 15 minutes.

Every 3 minutes your liver will be completely flushed, removing toxins, parasites and yeasts. In some cases removing mucoid plaque which is an incredible release of old stuck matter and even old emotions. AND having released that, you can feel 10 years younger!

When 15 minutes have passed, go to the toilet and let it pass. You may even feel stones releasing too.

Remember to replenish the colon by taking probiotics.

It is best to do coffee enema’s in the morning or mid day. If you do them late in the evening, you may have trouble sleeping.

Coffee…enjoy the feeling! 🙂



Fasting Furballs

I usually do a juice fast a few times a year. As my Women’s Retreat is coming up in a few weeks in Bali I decided to get ready for that by doing one.

The video below will give you some tips on dealing with “emotional furballs” I call them. Or  a cathartic release, you might also call it that can happen when fasting.


Some tips for detoxing symptoms:

  1. Do a coffee enema. Best thing in the world for a headache
  2. Drink LOTS of water
  3. Try some electrolyte lemonade :  one lemon with skin juiced, 1 stalk celery juiced,  Add to 1 litre of spring water, 1 tsp Himalayan or Celtic salt, 2 tsps raw honey. Blend and drink throughout the day.
  4. Deep Breathing
  5. Walking
  6. Napping
  7. Feeling your emotions
  8. Journaling

On this fast, I was only going to do 5 days on juices only, but felt so amazing, I did 10 days. My friends said ‘How many days are you going to do?” I said “My body will tell me when to stop.” On day 11 I wanted to eat so had morning and afternoon juice then a salad in the evening. I did the same on day 12. On day 13  at lunchtime, my body said   “EAT” so I did.

Nothing tastes quite so good than to eat after a good fast. As your digestive system has deeply rested, it is on fire when you eat again.



Yes, You Are that Powerful

 I have been bumping into a lot of people experiencing high emotion recently. There is more and more chaos in our world and it seems to be affecting us all. People are angry, sad, lost, in fear.

 “What should I do?” is the question that comes up for most people. When I give my answer, they don’t always like it. My answer is “look within”

look within

So many of us are looking for someone to “fix” us or to give us the answers. We are looking for a quick fix pill to make it all better.. Wrong planet my friend!

So how do we get out of that black hole, the dark thoughts, the heaviness?

Look at your thoughts. Are they negative? Are you blaming someone else for your situation? Are you complaining? Are you judging? Are you getting caught up in what’s right and wrong with the world?

before blame

Sometimes when it is so dark, you struggle to change your thinking.  Friends may say “go to the gym, do some yoga.” Yet the thought of exercise is so far away from where you are at. Start slowly….

Take a deep breath…..

  1. Close your eyes. Think of one thing you are grateful for. It may be your warm bed, a delicious meal, a caring friend…just focus on that. Perhaps you can find another reason to be grateful, so go on..find another, and another. Sit with that feeling for 5 minutes, focus on your heart chakra.
  2. Has  your mood lifted? Maybe tears fall as you heart opens. Let them. Keeping your heart open will draw to you loving people, and loving situations.
  3. Now think about your situation. Does it feel the same? Has it shifted in intensity? The problem is still there but perhaps your feelings about it are different.
  4. Who did that? YOU! You chose gratitude instead of the negative feeling. Its always a choice and yes, you ARE that powerful!

I spent years looking for answers from other people, teachers, gurus. It took me until I was brought to my knees to look within. And guess what? I get some pretty amazing insights in there! If we want world peace we must become peaceful human beings and that means looking at our own darkness.

“If you could kick the person in the pants responsible for most of your trouble, you wouldn’t sit for a month.”  Theodore Roosevelt

wake up kick ass

“Small shifts in your thinking, and small changes in your energy, can lead to massive alterations of your end result.” Kevin Michel

That’s No How Ye Make Porridge!

scot in kilt

Have you ever stood in front of a full fridge and thought “so much choice, I don’t know what to have?” I think we all have. I love Eddy Izzards comedy show where he stands in front of a beautifully displayed fruit bowl filled with fresh fruit and says “That’s great… now I think I’ll have a Mars Bar! ” Been there too. Thankfully I don’t keep Mars Bars in my house.

This morning, I  had just returned from the  farmers markets,  I packed everything away nicely in the fridge, then I stood in front of it, hanging onto the door and thought “what will I have for breakfast?” With the wind blowing outside I did not feel like a smoothie or juice. I wanted porridge!

Coming from Scotland we Scots are known for making porridge with salt and cream. I never could eat it growing up. My Mum used to shake her head in bewilderment when I made porridge with walnuts, gogi berries and honey. (Until one day she gave in and tasted it as I was making it and ended up taking mine so I had to make another bowl for myself)

So today I decided to go one step further and make a raw porridge using sprouted quinoa. I enjoyed it so much I thought I would share the recipe since it is still fresh in my mind.

Not quite how my Mum would have made it, but I am sure she would have taken my bowl if she could have tasted it this morning…Seriously delicious!


Sprouted Quinoa Porridge

1 Cup Sprouted Quinoa

1/2 apple

1 date

3/4 tsp cinnamon

Pumpkin Seed Milk to mix

(Put all ingredients in food processor and mix)  Put in pan and warm slightly but do not cook.


Chopped Pistachio Nuts

Goji Berries

Clotted Cashew Cream

Maple Syrup.

Sprinkle Goji berries, pistachios over the top, drop in a dollop of clotted cashew cream and drizzle with maple syrup….

Soooo delicious, packed with amino acids, magnesium, manganese, iron  and  much more…The Incas called Quinoa “The Mother of all Grains”

A great way to start your day!

That Reality Thing

Have you ever wanted to slap someone very hard when they said, on one of your bad days ” You know YOU create your own reality” I live in Byron Bay so that is a stock standard response here 🙂

I never really understood the “creating your own reality thing” until realized how it was done. I had alot of great things in my life followed by alot unpleasant things. I thought back to the times when things were flowing well and remembered how good I was feeling when I decided I wanted that new house. I would see myself in it and walking around the garden and pretty soon I was in it..or the studio I wanted to build, I was in it, could even smell it! Boy I was good at that. But when unpleasant things happened, I could not see how I created them. I certainly did not want them!








There is no difference on how we manifest….we think about it, feel it, see it in our minds eye and we draw it into our experience. We see ourselves in the new dress we desire…we visualize wearing that dress and how we would feel in it and it comes. Then we think about something we DON’T want…Maybe it’s a parking ticket ( I got 3 in one week once) After the first one, I thought, “oh I don’t want another” ( I was a bit more expletive than that )..then Boom another. Of course I thought even more intensely about not wanting any more and BOOM another one came.  The universe does not differentiate between want and don’t want…only what you are focusing on. I realized I was pretty good at creating good stuff…but even better at creating bad stuff because my thoughts were so intense. The less I wanted something to happen, the more it would come to me. The less I wanted to experience certain types of people in my life, the more of them showed up!






My teacher in  Clinical Hypnotherapy Studies  used to say “You have to stand on the threshold of your mind and guard your thoughts fiercely”  Wise words indeed.

create your own reality



Warm Winter Creamy Tomato Soup

Tomatoe soup

When I was a little girl, growing up in Scotland we ate a lot of soup. I loved my mum’s homemade soups and of course Heinz cream of Tomato.

These days I try to avoid anything that comes out of a tin so I wanted to make a healthy version of tomato soup.

As the weather cools down, I like to eat warmer foods but try to keep the nutrients alive as much as possible.

Here is my version of cream of tomato soup and it takes only minutes to prepare.

You will need: A vitamix or powerful blender

2 large organic tomatoes

1 TBS of macadamia nut butter

1  sprig of basil

1 Tsp Tamari

Pinch Himalayan salt

1/2 cup warm spring water


Put all ingredients in the vitamix and blend for 4 minutes or until.

pour into you favorite mug and sprinkle with raw Parmesan.

Warms away the winter chills and beats coming out of a tin any day!


Mullum Markets

Mullum Markets

There’s something different about Mullbimby Markets. Vibrant and colorful yes like all the markets but something special about the Mullum ones. The best part for me is that my house is on the street where the markets are so it’s a breeze just hopping in the car along the street. (Yes, I know my friends wonder why I don’t walk but it’s because my bags are too full to walk home with!)

I get up super early so I can get there before the crowds  and snap up the best of organic produce before it disappears. It’s also a great meeting place for a coffee or a juice with friends. You can choose from a range of foods for breakfast, coffee and chai, cooked food, raw food. Always accompanied by some local music to make the atmosphere more welcoming. Beats a supermarket checkout queue any day.

mullum mushiesSometimes the mornings are cold and I just don’t want to leave my cosy bed but I make myself think of what the options would be if I didn’t go; running from shop to shop trying to find organic. Or worse getting stuck in the Byron traffic. I soon jump out of bed and get into action.

Eating a Raw Food diet demands the discipline to plan your week. For me it’s a weekly stop at the markets, a fortnightly stop to get nuts and a day to dehydrate. If you can plan your week like this you should not go hungry..or worse..go back to the DARK SIDE of eating junk food!

And the feeling of opening the door to a healthy looking fridge gives you a warm fuzzy feeling. 🙂

Earthing Back to Health

earhing book


A few weeks ago a friend was visiting me and after having a discussion about my health, she asked me if I turned off my mobile devices at night. I said “no” and she suggested I do it.

I had been unwell for quite some time and told I had chronic fatigue and perhaps Fibromyalgia. This was not good news for someone who puts so much effort into being healthy.

I put it down to the exhaustion of running my business for 10 years with some very stressful times, and soldiering on way too long. Prolonged stress can cause havoc to one’s health but I thought things would change after I moved on.

When I sold my business I had one goal; to get well again. I went to Bali and ate great food, slept, had massages. At home my focus was the same. I was still exhausted.

So I took my friends’ advice and switched everything off one night. I really noticed a difference. I then decided to do a bit of research into EMF’s and went one step further by buying a grounding bed sheet. Sleeping on a grounded sheet connects you directly to the earth and gives you the ability to connect with it’s electrons. I remembered when I studied with a great Hawaiian Elder on Maui, he told me he had cured people of many illnesses by burying them in the earth.earthing 3

The next morning, I could not believe the difference. I woke up after sleeping all through the night like a fresh face teenager. I had energy again. I expected to get my usual afternoon fatigue but it did not come. I washed the windows, mopped the floors I had not felt  this much energy in months.

So now all my friends are getting them.. I Sent one to my Mum who feels so good she is booking a holiday..oh and Hamish and Bhride have one too 🙂 dogs love them!

Have a look at the website below where you can order all sorts of great grounding products. Send me an email if you have any questions.

I recently topped off my new found energy with a juice cleanse and “hello world’ I’m nearly back!



Juice Pulp & Happy Dogs


Up until now, I have never done a juice cleanse that didn’t make me feel awful. The first one I ever tried was in Thailand about 10 years ago. After one day they told me with much concern that I could not “fast” as I had keytones in my urine and it was dangerous. So that freaked me out just a touch and scared me off them. I did find out that the “retreat” used to be a drug rehab  and the owner decided to turn it into a health retreat. I was their first client! say no more 🙂

I tried again a couple of times but after day 2 , the withdrawals made me think of my Thailand experience I quickly went back onto food.

It’s not that my food has been unhealthy. I eat mostly a raw vegan diet…but I was curious about this juicing frenzy. I heard about people curing themselves of cancer just by juicing. There are movies like ‘Superjuice Me: and “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead” that inspired me so much…so it was time to try again….

With juicing, you are extracting the nutrients out of the fruit or vegetable and feeding your body with a huge amount of nutrients.

Last week, with the support of a seasoned juicer Jason Vale, I joined 25,000 people in the Jason Vale Spring Cleanse. (Or Autumn for us down under)

It was so easy.. and the juices were so delicious….I was surprised. I even combined it with a parasite cleanse from ‘Blessed Herbs” which is taking herbs 3 times a day before the juices. I FEEL AMAZING!!! and have my flat stomach back..YAY!!!

5 days juice only and 5 days JJM which is juice, juice , salad or soup.

I am converted….AND I found a great way to use all the pulp…. I made doggy treats for Hamish and Bhride… take a look…they love them…what a healthy little pack we are 🙂

DSCN1322                                  DSCN1331